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PCS Study Hall

A community of cheese-minded folks looking to taste, explore and learn together!

How it works:

Each month we’ll work with a cheese retailer to ship you a 1/2lb piece of hand-selected artisanal cheese. Then, join your fellow Study Hall Subscribers in a private virtual hangout where we will talk about the cheese, taste it together, share pairing ideas and more. 

Signing up for this club puts you on the list to receive these monthly packages of cheesy goodness, plus a link to a recurring Zoom meeting where we will gather to learn about each month’s cheese together.

All for a flat fee of $65 a month!

Monthly Timing:

10th of each month: Subscribers receive an invoice for that month’s charge ($65), sent via email. 

A few days before the last Friday of each month: Subscribers receive an insulated package containing 1/2lb of delicious cheese!

Last Friday of each month @ 6pm EST: All Study Hall Subscribers gather on Zoom for a cheese lesson and tasting featuring that month’s cheese.


How does payment work?

An invoice will be emailed to you on the 10th of each month which you are subscribed. This must be paid in a week if you wish to receive that month’s cheese. 

If you are worried about potentially missing a payment and missing out on cheese: check the box on your first invoice to let us automatically charge your card in the future.


How much does shipping cost?

Nada! The cost of shipping, cheese and access to the private tasting lesson are all included in the monthly subscription fee of $65.

When/how do we meet up to learn about that month’s cheese?

On the last Friday of each month at 6pm EST! Simply log in to our meeting with the recurring Zoom link you received when you signed up.


"I have a huge household and we all want to participate in Study Hall. Can I receive more than 1/2lb of cheese each month?"

Sure! Email and let’s figure out what amount of cheese is best for your squad. Warning: This will increase your monthly cost.

Is Study Hall available to cheesers outside of the US?

Unfortunately, no. We only have the ability to ship cheese within the US at this time. 

"I know like ~nothing~ about cheese and am not really experienced with using fancy tasting words. Can I still participate in the monthly meetings?"

Of course! The lessons in our monthly cheese chats are intended for folks of alllllll levels of cheesy knowledge and experience.

How do I unsubscribe from Study Hall?

            Simply email letting me know.


Please reach out with any other questions you have about the Study Hall program!

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