Did you know that not all cheeses are vegetarian? PCS founder, Julia Birnbaum chatted with AllRecipes.com to help bring some clarity to the topic.


How Stuff Works

HowStuffWorks.com interviewed PCS founder, Julia Birnbaum for an article about the controversial Sardinian cheese, Casu Marzu.

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Your Cheese Friends

Food writer, Christine Clark featured PCS Founder, Julia Birnbaum in a new project where she is profiling "the people who make cheese happen". 


The Philadelphia Inquirer

The iconic news outlet featured PCS's Cheesy Picnic Class in a print and online article about weekend activities in Philly.


The Spruce Eats

This popular food and recipes site got some tips from PCS Founder, Julia Birnbaum, for an article about meat and cheese gifting.



The website associated with NBC's TODAY Show featured PCS on a list of cute and tasty ways to celebrate Valentine's Day! 


Philly Grub

This local food scene blog named PCS Founder, Julia Birnbaum, as one of the "5 Women of Cheese Education in Philadelphia".